Educational Resources

This section provides educational materials, including tours, workshops, and classroom experiences, predicated on the artworks included in the exhibition.

Shan Goshorn Preparing For The Fall
Investigating Baskets
Elementary students
by Kristin Gantz

Jan Hopkins Forbidden Front
Objects Tell Stories
3rd-5th grades
By Jon Sheltmire

Dorothy Gill Barnes Plaited Mulberry Bark Basket
Investigating Personal Aesthetic through Basket Design
4th-5th grades
By Lauren Holland

Katherine Lewis Rope Coil
Coiled Basket Lesson
5th-8th grades
By Shirley Boudreaux

Amanda Salm Showered With Laughter
Interwoven Communities
Middle School
By Kari Lomax and Danielle Vogel

Nancy Moore Bess Kaki Shibu
RRRlessonplanHS.pdf, RRRlessonplanHS-2.pdf
and RRRedmaterialsHS.pdf
Containing the Intangible
High school
By Abi Creech, Amy Tuchschmidt, and Michelle Livek