Dawn Walden

Basket as Vessel

Dawn Walden Random Order series Ties That BindDawn Walden Random Order series Ties That BindRandom Order Series: Ties That Bind, circa 2010
Cedar root, cedar bark, bear grass: 44″ x 25″ x 15″
Lent by Lois Russell

Dawn Walden is an Ojibway artist from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

She says, “I believe that artwork is not only about a beautiful shape and well-crafted materials, but about the spirit within the materials and within the artist. It begins with being in the woods to collect plant materials with reverence and reflection on the sacredness of nature. There is a seeking of balance between myself, the materials and the form they are creating. There is a sense that I am imbuing admiration, respect, and belonging into the solid form of the artwork. Each new work is an accumulation of my studies in sculpture, Great Lakes ethnobotany, observations in nature, and the internal journey into my spiritual beliefs and culture of the Ojibway people.”

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