Basket as Vessel

The energy generated by the New Basketry fueled artists’ exploration into baskets as sculpture. Artists experimented with old and new production methods and embraced a range of materials, from pruning’s to metals, from thread to filament, from paper to photographs. On the one hand, this exploration stemmed from modernism’s emphasis on the medium as the primary carrier of meaning. On the other hand, it became a visual language that enabled artists to interrogate American history and culture.

While the works in this section retain their basket-ness, they are not utilitarian. Rather, the relationship between inside and outside inherent in the vessel enables artists to reference to the home, the human body, and the psyche, as well as explore conceptual issues such as containment, freedom and functionality itself. Through the selection of specific materials and techniques, artists create aestheticized objects intended for extended contemplation.

Exhibiting “Basket as Vessel” Artists: