Carole Hetzel

Basket as Vessel

Carole Hetzel Brendan Basket #309Brendan Basket #309, 2012
Stainless steel cable, walnut-stained reed: 14.5″ x 25″ x 25″
Lent by the artist

Carole Hetzel studied basketry at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina. She has always been fascinated with the process of shape and the challenge of expressing texture. When she started adding metal to her hand-dyed woven reed baskets, their simple forms and rich color took on a new dimension. She says, “Baskets tell a story. To appreciate a basket is like interacting with a painting, a novel, music or any of the arts. Not only does a basket have a purpose and message, it also has a sense of history. I find the combination between what would appear to be unrelated matter symbolizes how everything in life is perfectly interconnected.” Her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Design in Georgia, the Atlanta Museum of Art and Design, and Florida State University Museum of the Arts.

Carole Hetzel is represented by Blue Spiral 1. Visit www.bluespiral1.com for more information.